Coos Bay – Oregon’s “Bay Area”

Oregon’s “Bay Area”

Sunday (June 6): Coos Bay is called “Oregon’s Bay Area.” I walked around town on a quiet Sunday afternoon and checked out the city by the bay.

Coos Bay has a newish short boardwalk on the waterfront, featuring a small harbor and historical displays. The downtown area is busy with Highway 101 as its main traffic corridor. It was hard to get a sense of the vibe since many places are closed on Sundays. It was clear that the city is interested in displaying culture and art.

Coos Bay Waterfront
Coos Bay Waterfront
Coos Bay Harbor
Quiet downtown street on a Sunday afternoon
Caught a big one!
Tsunami Humor

Back out near the state parks, I discovered a Bureau of Land Management park and beach area called Bastendorff Beach. A small campground is situated near the entrance road; continuing on the road leads down to the beach. It was windy and chilly, but the long beach beckoned me, so I ventured out for a walk.

This is a popular beach, about a mile long with flat, reflective sand. A large rock seawall indicates the north boundary of the beach. It is dog-friendly with plenty of friendly dogs and owners. I was able to get in some “dog time” with occasional wet canine visits as I walked.

Bastendorff Beach
Long walk on the beach

As I strolled along the water’s edge, I was lost in time. The rhythmic sound of rolling waves has a way of quieting my mind and before I knew it I had reached the rock seawall. After climbing up a few large boulders, I was able to witness the activity of waves on the opposite side.

Coos Bay, looking over the seawall
Coos Bay Seawall
Wave Action

The walk back was directly into the headwind, so it was a brisk walk. I picked up a few seashells (on the seashore) along the way as I returned to my car.

Bastendorff Beach
Bastendorff Beach – the Cape Arago lighthouse is in the distance

The weather forecast calls for clouds and a chance of rain in the evening, so it sounds like a perfect chance for sunset photos. We’ll see!

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