Heat pump extraction

This was a major project I’ve been wanting to tackle. My trailer had a Dometic Coolcat heat pump installed under the rear bed. This unit is a combination air conditioner and heater. It weighs about 75 lbs. By design, the heater component does not provide heat once the outside temperature drops below 35° or so.

The heat pump has an external ventilation grill and the air movement inside the trailer was ducted. I wanted to remove the heat pump and make use of the space for storage. I’m not a big user of air conditioning and the trailer also has a propane furnace that I can use when it gets cold.

The grill is the external part of the heat pump.
This is the location of the heat pump, under the rear bed.
I ordered a custom made hatch door to fit the dimensions of the opening for the heat pump.

The removal was pretty straightforward. I disconnected the electrical supply and the wiring for the thermostat. The unit was anchored to the floor in a few places and the external grill was easy to remove.

The heat pump is a beast. It weighs about 75 lbs.
The new hatch door fit perfectly and provides easy access to the new storage space.
This storage space will be very functional for storing larger items

I also converted the “sofa” design into a more permanent bed platform. I cut a plywood sheet to fit and installed a piano hinge to make it easy access the space from inside, if needed. This is especially important for working on the water utilities to the right of the space. This platform will hold a twinXL mattress and also give room for some storage bins to hold clothes and linens.

By removing the heat pump and converting the space for storage, I can stash larger heavier items at the rear of the trailer. This will take some weight off the trailer tongue, providing better balance to the trailer.

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