Folsom Lake weekender

Folsom Lake is about 15 miles from home – this is the closest to home that I’ve camped, except maybe my driveway. Two other couples had planned to camp on this weekend and invited me to join them. I guess that made me a “fifth wheel” camper. 🙂

The campground has a section for tent camping (no hookups) and RV camping, with full hookups. The spaces are large with quite a bit of room and foliage between them. Restrooms were also available.

The RV camping section has full hookups

The water level at Folsom Lake has been extremely low due to drought conditions. We all walked down to the water level; the terrain looked a bit moon-like. It was extremely windy, so we stayed close to the campsites for the rest of the time.

This spot would be underwater during a normal rainfall season.

For one of the couples, this was the maiden voyage in their new large pop-up trailer. This gave them a chance to test out the functions and features of their new trailer. The other couple was camping in their T@B large teardrop trailer. It was a fun weekend of hanging out, telling stories and eating great food. We even had some baking experiments. The new pop-up trailer has an oven, so they baked cinnamon rolls and other goodies. I baked up some brownies (from scratch) in my Weber grill, using an indirect heating method. They came out great, so this was a good chance to experiment with that method. With being so close to stores, any cooking mishaps could have been easily remedied with a quick drive. Fortunately, that was not necessary.

This weekend also gave me a chance to test out the new refrigerator. It worked great, so I’m going to declare that replacement project a success.

I’ll remember this campground for the future, especially if I’m itching to get out and don’t want to drive far. There are plenty of bike trails in the area, for both mountain biking and paved trail rides. And I’m sure a pizza delivery could be easily arranged, too, if so desired.

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