49er Faithful

The fallen leaves were plentiful on the grounds

December’s road trip stayed closer to home. We went to Plymouth to stay at the 49er RV Village. The 49er Village is a large RV park located alongside Highway 49 as it passes through Plymouth. The park has a nice open feel to it, with plenty of trees and a small water feature. Apparently, spaces near the water are priced a little higher due to the attraction. I assumed that the attraction was some ducks.

Most of the park’s normal amenities were closed due to Covid, but the restrooms and showers were open, and were modern and clean.

A few day trips were in order. We started with a short drive to Apple Hill for lunch (including pie) at Boa Vista Orchards. We drove around the Apple Hill area, but many of the farms were closed during the week. On the way back from Apple Hill, I took a side trip to the little town of Fiddletown. My oldest brother used to live on some acreage near Fiddletown and I wanted to check out the area. I managed to locate the driveway to his former property.

Fiddletown consists of a number of buildings and houses in a cluster along Fiddletown Road. I stopped at an old building that used to house a blacksmith shop. The front porch of the building was loaded with old machinery, wooden wagon wheels and an old safe among other things.

The front porch of this building was scattered with antiques. The side yard was a massive jumble of more.
This old scale had some interesting colors.

On the next day, we drove to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park near Arnold, California. The park consists of two groves of giant sequoia trees. It was reasonably quiet at the park, not many visitors. The visitors center was open with Covid restrictions. The hike through the park was breathtaking, the trees are massive.

The trail begins with an enormous stump, big enough for a dance floor.
I used an ultra-wide angle lens to capture the full height of the trees.
Bruce and Claudia pausing to take a photo.

That evening we learned that the RV Park would be closing in a couple of days due to new Covid restrictions. In addition, the forecast called for rain to begin moving into the area. Since this was going to be our last night anyway, we decided to head home that evening. It turned out to be a good decision as it started raining on the way home. I preferred that to taking down camp the next day in the rain.

The 49er RV Village was a good destination. The location is in good proximity to several day trip opportunities spanning in several directions. A grocery store is located across the highway and some interesting eateries are located in town. Maybe another visit after the restaurants open up will be in order

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