Before hitting the road, a few fixes and upgrades

Old anode rod on the left, new one on the right

One thing is certain, this trailer will satisfy my need to tinker with stuff. 

Before I was ready to test out the trailer on the road, I wanted to do some important maintenance tasks as well as start to make it “my own.” 

Some of the maintenance tasks I performed first:

  • Tested all the components: electrical, water systems, propane appliances.
  • Serviced the wheel bearings.
  • Disinfected the fresh water storage tank.
  • Replaced the water pump (the bypass valve was malfuntioning and allowing “city water” to fill the water storage tank)
  • Replaced the anode rod in the water heater (see above, it needed it!).

In order to make the trailer more functional and comfortable, I also:

Replaced the dinette table with a smaller and lighter folding table. The original table was very heavy and also served as a bed platform that would span the dinette benches, making the dinette into a twin bed. I don’t have a need for a twin bed at this time. The new folding table easily folds down for travel and can be used outdoors if desired.

The original dinette table was large and heavy.
This folding table is much lighter and takes up less space.
Directly behind the table, I built a small shelf to hold some of the plastic storage bins I use for organizing all the various tools and supplies.

Installed two closet rods that mount between the folding side walls. These rods provide more stability to the walls, taking stress off the locking latches during strong winds. The rods also give me a place to hang small towels. I built two lightweight shelf pieces that rest on the closet rods. These shelves provide easy access to light items, such as coffee-making supplies, first aid kit and snacks. I installed small LED puck lights on the underside of the shelves to provide additional task lighting.

Removed this small microwave oven and finished out the cabinet space it used to occupy, giving me additional storage space. 

Cut an access opening and made a new compartment door to gain easier access to the storage area under the bed. After making the new compartment door, I decided to replace all the cabinet doors with new matching ones.

This new opening allows access to the storage space under the rear bed.
New cabinet door under the bed.
New cabinet doors, including a new door made to cover the former microwave oven opening.
New cabinet doors for the kitchen storage and commode.

Purchased a folding solar panel and created several connecting cables for keeping the trailer battery charged while dry-camping.

This was enough work to get the trailer ready for its maiden voyage. 

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